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We Get Your More Appointments

Our ONLY Aim: To take your business to the next level. We do everything from bringing your Ideal clients to you to helping them Through your sales process. That’s why we are an award-winning Healthcare Marketing Agency.

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  • Social Media Marketing

Get hundreds of guaranteed healthcare consultations every single month!

Take advantage of our unique approach to getting high-quality healthcare consultations for less than £20 each!

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  • Marketing Automation

Imagine having a predictable way to deliver high-quality educational content to your patients on auto-pilot!

EDUCATION is the foundation of everything we do. So having a predictable way to deliver that information to your patients is pivital. That’s where Marketing Automation comes in.

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  • Marketing Consulting

Making your business work better for you

We don’t just deliver you consultations. We work with you to improve the processes inside your Business.

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Some Healthcare Companies We Work With

Some of our amazing clients

Award Winning Healthcare Marketing Agency

Ready to work with the #1 Healthcare Marketing Agency? Delivering you hundreds of high-quality consultations every single month.

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Trusted by Leading Healthcare Clinics around the world

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Why work with Aim Higher Marketing & Consulting?

One word… Results!

It’s a simple task, right – to get results?

It’s also what we expect from the services we invest in.

We work in the healthcare field providing booked consultations to healthcare professionals and cosmetic health clinics all over the world… and we get results.

But not only results… we get appointments.



… did we say results?

Why Work With Us

We Build Relationships

Relationships are the foundation of everything we do, our aim is to be a seamless addition of your additional team.


We are big on systems, process and procedures. In our case it’s how we turn a stranger into a customer. We have the blueprint for healthcare clinics success.

Real-time Data

Full transparency with our real-time client dashboard.

We believe in full transparency.

This is why our bespoke client dashboard allows you to instantly log in and see real-time Marketing data.

Whatever the time of the day you can log in and easily see how many consultations have been booked, how much has been spent, and much more!

Your own bespoke client dashboard is just one of the unique benefits of being one of our valued clients.

See an instant snapshot of how your Marketing is doing with our bespoke client dashboard.

You can instantly see real-time data such as; web analytics, social media analytics, advertising analytics, and much more.

Receive highly detailed monthly reports which can easily be viewed inside your bespoke client dashboard.

Easily see how you rank against your competitors. In our bespoke client portal, you can set who your competitors are. Our portal will then track how you are doing in comparison. When working with Aim Higher Marketing & Consulting being #1 is the only option.

“We used to do around 60 consultations in a few weeks and now we do over 300! Aim Higher Marketing & Consulting is an amazing company and I would highly recommend them.”

Sophie Rose

Manager – Juvida Clinics

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