Juvida Clinics is a leading hair transplant clinic in Skipton, North Yorkshire. The clinic has become well-known for its high-quality procedures and excellent patient care. In this case study, we will explore Juvida’s journey to 300 booked consultations each month.

The Challenge

Juvida Clinics previously had a high cost per lead on both Google Ads and Facebook Ads. In some circumstances Juvida Clinics was paying £74.97 per lead on Facebook Ads alone. The company wanted to significantly decrease this cost in order to be competitive in the market. Juvida Clinics previously averaged 150 leads per month, this was significantly dwindled down as the conversion rate from lead to consultation was 30%. Meaning the company was averaging 45 consultations per month. Juvida Clinics was also using valuable staff resources chasing and following up leads.

The Solution

First, we implemented a marketing strategy which evolved around education. With an investment like a hair transplant a lot of research goes into making a decision about which clinic to use. We wanted to make Juvida the only choice by providing the best educational content. 

We worked closely with Juvida producing videos on a wide variety of topics that potential patients wanted to know about. We then used this content to create ads which were an instant hit. The ads we created for Juvida got great feedback due to their helpful nature.

We also implemented an innovative system to get consultations booked straight into the calendar, without the need for any staff involvement. Instead of using ads to collect leads, we used a landing page with a calendar. The company went from averaging 45 consultations to over 300 consultations per month with an average cost per consultation of £15. This increased company efficiency significantly as the company’s staff could focus on what they do best, delivering industry leading patient care. 

We also introduced “The Patient Journey”, this was to increase the show up rate of the consultations. Naturally, going for a medical consultation is quite nerve wracking at the best of times so we wanted to put the patient’s mind at ease. We created a series of videos in partnership with Juvida Clinics which included topics relevant to the company. Such as the benefits of attending a consultation, how hair transplants work, pricing & finance etc. 

This had an immediate effect, increasing show up rates to 88%. The company’s turnover also 4x’d during this time frame.




Consultations Per Month


Show Up Rate

“Before we might of gotten 75 consultations in a few weeks, now we are getting more than 300”

Sophie Rose

Manager – Juvida Clinics

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