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Social Media Marketing

Here at Aim Higher Marketing And Consulting, we focus the vast majority of our efforts on social media marketing.


Because it’s proven to work, just ask out clients.

In the modern digital age, you have to go where the attention is. All of your dream clients and customers use social media, the question is how do you get them to buy.

At Aim Higher Marketing & Consulting we operate using a Pay Per Consultation system.

How does pay per consultation work?


You only pay when we get the results.

Using EDUCATIONAL content such as emails we educate your potential patients about the procedures you offer, great service, and what they can expect by a consultation.

As potential patients are more informed about the services you offer and the benefits, they are more inclined to buy when they come and see you.

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Real-time Data

Full transparency with our real-time client dashboard.

We believe in full transparency.

This is why our bespoke client dashboard allows you to instantly log in and see real-time Marketing data.

Whatever the time of the day you can log in and easily see how many consultations have been booked, how much has been spent, and much more!

Your own bespoke client dashboard is just one of the unique benefits of being one of our valued clients.

See an instant snapshot of how your Marketing is doing with our bespoke client dashboard.

You can instantly see real-time data such as; web analytics, social media analytics, advertising analytics, and much more.

Receive highly detailed monthly reports which can easily be viewed inside your bespoke client dashboard.

Easily see how you rank against your competitors. In our bespoke client portal, you can set who your competitors are. Our portal will then track how you are doing in comparison. When working with Aim Higher Marketing & Consulting being #1 is the only option.

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Online marketing to secure customer retention, consultations, and sales. We focus on the bigger picture.


Step 1: We run your ads to get people to book a consultation directly into your calendar.


Step 2: After booking a consultation we send them a series of educational emails.


Step 3: Finally, when they attend the consultation they undertake your services.

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With pay per consultation you have nothing to lose, we consistently provide healthcare clinics hundreds of high quality consultations every month.


Increase your sales

More consultations means more sales.

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Healthcare Marketing Agency


Increase In Sales

“We used to do around 60 consultations in a few weeks and now we do over 300! Aim Higher Marketing & Consulting is an amazing company and I would highly recommend them.”

Sophie Rose

Manager – Juvida Clinics

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Ready to get hundreds of high-quality consultations every single month?

We used to do around 60 consultations in a few weeks and now we do over 300! Aim Higher Marketing & Consulting is an amazing company and I would highly recommend them.

Sophie Rose

Juvida Clinics

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