The Challenge

Before working with Aim Higher Marketing & Consulting, Juvida Clinics went about marketing the same as most clinics. Using lead form ads to collect names, emails, and phone numbers of people who were interested in hair transplants.

Juvida’s staff would then have to call and email all of these leads to get them to book in for a free consultation. This whole process was very time-consuming and very staff intensive using up a lot of valuable time.

On top of this, the conversion of people actually then booking in for consultations was quite poor. This was due to the fact that there were lots of leads but by the time Juvida’s staff was calling and emailing them they couldn’t get hold of them.

The Solution

When we were initially contacted by Juvida Clinics we set about gathering all the information we need to ensure they got the best possible result from the unique system Aim Higher Marketing & Consulting uses to book consultations directly into Juvida’s calendar.

The vast majority of clinics contact us for one of three reasons:

  1. They are not currently using Social Media for advertising and wish to do so
  2. They are currently working with a Marketing Agency but are not satisfied with the result
  3. They are prospering on Social Media but are tired of calling and email leads all the time and wants a better way…

The Process

Here’s how our system works.

  • Step 1: We run your ads (That’s obvious right?)

  • Step 2: (This is unique) Rather than having clinic staff call and email the leads. We get the leads to book a consultation directly into your calendar instead! This is what really separates Aim Higher Marketing & Consulting from our competitors.

  • Step 3: We then send those people who just booked a consultation a series of EDUCATIONAL emails educating them about why the clinic is great, what services they offer, and why they should actually show up for the free consultation. This step is one of the most important (Getting the consultations is the easy part) this is because a lot of the time when it comes to medical and cosmetic procedures people can feel scared to attend a free consultation. So the idea behind these emails is to educate them about why they should attend and make them feel at ease.

The outcome of this process is hundreds of high-quality consultations every single month. Not only is Juvida Clinics now getting hundreds of consultations a month, but they are also saving staff time by not having to call and email all the leads due to the fact the leads now book a consultation directly from seeing the ads. Then afterwards we use automated emails and texts to ensure they actually attend the consultation by educating them.


Increase in consultations


Marketing Firm



“We used to do around 60 consultations in a few weeks and now we do over 300! Aim Higher Marketing & Consulting is an amazing company and I would highly recommend them.”

Sophie Rose

Manager – Juvida Clinics

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